In 2021, I started my own business and made my dream come true: to be my own boss. I was born and raised in the city of Chartres, but I’ve always kept strong bonds with Brittany, as it is my maternal grandparents’ region.

Malestroit historic centre

I am lucky to share my workshop together with an ironmaker as well as a cabinetmaker, in the pretty village of Malestroit where handicrafts are largely promoted.

My pathway to become an ironmaker

After completing a Phd in mathematics in 2017, I decided to leave the academic field in order to try my hand at various handicrafts. A few experiences as a volunteer led me to discover steelwork together with a blacksmith working in the middle of the Ardèche mountain range.

My first experience in forging, in Ardèche
A small door and some guardrails I made during my training period

I then decided to pursue on this way, and started a one year training in decorative ironwork in the Jura region. Shortly after, I was recruited by a small sheet metalwork company as an ironmaker, near the Corsican city of Ajaccio. I completed my apprenticeship through this fruitful experience in the metalwork sector.

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